Saturday, May 23, 2009

World Popular Conference on Palestine, Istanbul

Abi bergambar kenangan dengan Yang dikasihi Syeikh Dr Yusuf Qardhawi
Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone.

As-Syeikh Dr Yusuf al Qardhawi, a prominent scholar and reference for muslims the world over on contemporary issues was at the conference to deliver his key-note speech.

Excerpts of his speech.

1. As-Syeikh began by praising Allah and salutations to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
2. He greets brothers and sisters and everyone attending the conference with the peace greeting in Islam..
3. Thankful to Allah for the effort put together by everyone to make this gathering possible.
4.Thankful for everyone that comes from all over the world to be in the blessed conference.
5. This conference is held from this city (Istanbul), the city of the heavens, the gardens, the mosque, the city of the history of the muslims.
6. We came to express our lasting support for Palestine.
7. When we protect Baitl Maqdis, than Allah will protect His holyland.
8. People says leave Baitul Maqdis to Allah, He will protect the holy land.
9. We will not do as Abdul Mutalib did when he left Kaabah to Allah, when Mekah came under the attack of abrahah.
10. Abdul Mutalib did not have anyone to protect al Kaabah., but here we have the muslim nations. We have one and a half billion muslims to protect al Aqsa..
11. These nations and these people are responsible to look after al Aqsa..
12. Allah says, it is OUR rights to give victory to the believers - by the believers (by their own action)
13. Victory is only for those who have the strongest belief.
14. We have to be together in one saff (line). As-Syeikh recited a verse from surah as-Saff. (Quran). We need to support each other as one body.
15. People from east to west will lend their support. At this juncture as-Syeikh express his gratitude to the Sweidsh professor, Dr Mattias Gardell from Uppsala University for addressing the conference earlier.
16.Muslims do not want to create enemies with anyone. Muslims will not enter into war with anyone. But when war is forced unto this nation, than everyone must stand to defend their homeland. The people must put up resistance.
17. Many young people from every corner of the world wrote to as Syeikh, asking permission to go and fight alongside the Palestinian, but they were stopped by their own country, that stood between them and the holy land.
18. Therefore the resistance must contineu inside Palestine with support from everyone.
19. Without resistance (intifadhah) Israel will not give anything back.
20. The resistance is the only way, for freedom is only achievable by resistance.
21. The people of palestine have the greatest tolerance and presevere with great patience.
22. HAMAS is the testimony to the whole world that they will continue to resist as a people with enduring patience.
23. At the same time, unity and reconciliation (among the Palestinians) is important.
24. This nation (palestine) will not be victorious if we are separated.
25. We must stand as one hand.
26. Reconciliation and unity is possible but it must be (based) on justice and (with the aim) of protecting the Palestinian rights (not a sell-off of Palestinian rights).
27. Jerusalem (Baitul Maqdis) must remain as the capital of Palestine.
28. Our help is not a contribution - it is an obligation, a responsibility (we must not shirk)
29. We have to support the resistance through financial means.
30. We (The muslim government) must sever our relationship with Israel.
31. If Israel stays, it will spell the end of the whole world

I did'nt manage to jot down most of the words of wisdom that flowed from the lips of as-Syeikh Yusuf al Qardhawi. To be in the audience addressed by the great scholar is in itself a very great blessings from Allah. We prayed our Jumaah prayer with as-Syeikh as the khatib (addressing the congregation). It was delivered in Arabic. I didn't know Arabic, but he stressed in his khutbah many times, that we are one ummah (one nation). May Allah blessed as Syeikh Dr Yusuf al Qardhawi with good health so that he can continue to serve as a beacon for this ummah. Ameen Ya Rabb. (I could not help but shed my tears here - I read his books since my teenage years, deriving great inspirations from the great scholar, at the age of 47, with a compromised health, I was bestowed this opportunity to hear from the syeikh himself in this land of Istanbul, that use to be the seat of the last Islamic Chaliphate.Oh Allah, gather us all in your gardens, if our deeds are not sufficient for us to be in the company of the righteous, than please accept our love towards the righteous to make up for our shortfalls...)

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor
Director PACE
reporting from Istanbul
Friday, 22 May 2009


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