Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Subprime Crises and the Palestinian blockade - 'Chicken coming home to roost?"

Subprime crises and the Palestinian blockade


Allah's retribution sometimes work in mysterious ways. The subprimefinancial crises that leads to a meltdown of the free capitalisteconomy may serve as a succint reminder to this.

I have no intention of dismissing it as a sign of the wrath of theAllmighty for the arrogance of what has become of the US. But I cannot help relating this financial horde as the classic case of 'the chicken coming home to roost'.

Since mid 2006 the Palestinians has been collectively punished for the 'wrong' choice in exercising their democratic rights, enshrined even in the US constitution. They were treated like sub-humans and denied access to basic sustainence. With no sign of the economic blockade easing in 2008, they tightened the noose to the already strangulated population of Gaza. All entry points were sealed cutting off fuel, food and medical supplies. I wish there is a more fitting word to describe the zionist inhumane treatment of the Gazans. All this has been made possible by the American endorsement.

Therefore when the subprime crises hit America, I tend to view this as a divine retribution for the wrongs inflicted by the US to the citizens of the world, particularly the Palestinians. In a flinch,they lost trillions and are still reeling from the financial loss that is showing no signs of abatement. It could well be the beginning of the demise of the US as the sole superpower. Like i've said, God's retribution works in mysterious ways and when you least anticipated it. One may recall the downfall of the Soviet. Who would ever imagine the great Soviet empire went under as a result of a miscalculation of attacking a small nation so destitude and backward, I.e. Afghanistan.?But it happened. Sceptics may attribute it to the liberalization of the Russian economy, or the much publicised and celebrated Petroistika by Gorbachev . But nobody can deny that the military misadventure of the Soviet in the Afghan territory forced the former empire to dump her socialist-communist ideology and therefore lost her edge in the race for economic and political supremacy with her nemesis, the US.

Brace yourself for the inevitable. We could be seeing yet another empire crumbling before our own eyes. Indeed we are living through an era of change. Allah swt says in surah Ali-Imran verse 140 'Sungguh kami pergilirkan (kalah dan menang) di antara manusia"

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



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