Thursday, April 2, 2009

PACE standpoint on Netanyahu's premiership of Israel


The ushering of Benyamin Netanyahu as the new Prime Minister of Israel has really exposed the true intent of the zionist regime. It reflects the collective mindset of the racist and fascist zionist jews that is inclined towards the banishment of Arabs from the occupied territories and all of Palestine.

A look at the newly elected Israeli cabinet reveals an ugly face of the zionist regime. They are no more than an extremist coalition of bloodthirsty war-mongers, religious fanatics, bigots and supremacist overflowing with hatred. Take the example of personalities like Avigdor Lieberman who advocates the extermination, deportation and enslavement of Arabs as water carriers for the superior acclaimed Jewish people. Than there is Ehud Barak, who claimed with arrogance, despite of the monstrous and vile atrocities committed by Israeli soldiers during the recent Gaza massacre, that the Israeli army is the most morally upright military outfit in the world. To top it all, Netanyahu himself who strongly believes that Israel should embark on a systematic progrom of ethnic cleansing of the Arabs. For the record, he was qouted in his speech to the students of Bar-llan University way back in 1989, saying that while the world was focusing on the repression of the Chinese government towrads her own people following the Tiannamen incident, Israel should carry out mass expulsion of the Arabs. These are not mere expression of sentiments but constitute an official policy, netanyahu would like to pursue as Israeli national agenda. He infact would ensure that the Arab population in Israel proper would not hit the 30% threshold. Currently, Netanyahu is expanding the illegal built up of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories and Jerusalem on an unimpeded campaign for the complete judaization of the holy precincts of the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Netanyahu will resort to lies whenever Israeli crimes is exposed and laid bare before the world. As a pathological liar he would cry 'anti semitism', 'holoucaust', 'pushing Jews to the brink of Auswich and Bergen-Belsen' when Israeli's no less horrendous crime towards the Palestinian was mildly criticised by the world.

But on the bright side however, Netanyahu and the newly elected thugs in Israeli Knesset would provide a window into the real agenda of the zionist regime. Now, those who still hang any hopes for a lasting peace through the creation of a two-state solution, can now see very clearly that their hopes has been dashed to smithereens. At least having an 'ultra right' government is better than a liberal leftist that hides an ugly zionist agenda garbed under the cloak of 'peaceful settlements' with the Palestinians.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



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