Monday, February 4, 2008

Maklum balas dari USM - dari Dewan Nurani

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i just got back from 'Malam Untukmu Palestin' event held at Nurani Hall and i have no regret on that. this post shall be about it, insya-Allah.if i were given a chance, i'd like to show my gratitude to Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor who gave the 'Suara Al-Aqsa' speech. it touched me deeply inside and awaken the sleeping spirit in me. the spirit which once cried for my dear Palestinian brothers and sisters. there was this one video on a little Palestinian girl crying and shouting about something. my arabic is extremely poor, so i could only catch a few words but they are enough to make me understand her. God. Felistini. Felistini. Felistini. i wonder if she is still alive you know that the Palestine land was once a very large territory? it even extended along Jordan and some other countries that now surrounding the current Palestine. then came the British drawing borders, breaking up the lands, shrinking the former Palestine. next, came the useless United Nations @ PBB, by the UN Partition Plan, giving almost half of the Palestine to the damned Jews, but Jews are meant to be Jews. sneaky. greedy. manipulative. not a man of his word. they robbed piece by piece of Palestinian land away from the rightful owner. later, came the nobody-can-be-more-busybody-America holding an election to choose between Hamas and Fatah for the leadership of Palestinian National Authority, and Allahuakhbar, Hamas won the election and the American dog, Fatah, lost.

According to the United States National Public Radio, "Israel and manyWestern powers have struggled with how best to interact with a group that is atonce labeled terrorist and, at the same time, is the legitimately electedleadership of the Palestinian National Authority".

it's amazing how the media is manipulating our minds especially those of Muslims. i am ashamed to admit that i once thought that Hamas was a terrorist group. how stupid i was at that time, making statements that sounded right (at that time lah), without understanding the real condition. it's sad and disappointing to finally learn that even our local media is doing the same thing.Dr. Hafidzi told us a true story...500 top-ranked Palestinian men were chased out of their land. they survived for nearly 40 days until their food supply depleted. they were hungry and searched the land for food. then, they spotted an apricot orchard with ripe apricots. despite being very hungry, they did not reach for the fruits, but searched for the owner instead. unfortunately, they could not find him. hunger almost conquered them, and at last, they took the fruit and tied money to the branches. when the orchard owner came back, he saw money dangling from the branches instead of apricots. then, he saw the 500 men, eating the fruit. with tears flowing out of his eyes, he asked them, "who are all of you actually? you did not take the fruit although you were very hungry. please, eat all the apricots that you want. the orchard is yours".Dr. Hafidzi asked us, is this what the media has been labelling as terrorist? Palestinian people will not pick up weapons if not because of their own land are being taken away from them.
kalau nenek moyang kita menghadapi perkarayang sama, mereka juga pasti akan mengangkat senjata
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