Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PACE Statement to President elect Barrack Hussein Obama

PACE plead for Mr Obama to do the right thing for beleaguered Gazans

PACE would like to congratulate President elect Barrack H. Obama for his spectacular election win. Certainly for millions of American citizen, and particularly so for the African-American descent and every other communities consigned to the minority groups, your victory has ushered in a new promising era. For them you are the beacon of hope, longed for by their forefathers.

PACE would also like to commend your remarks on the night of the election results. You have pledged to be impartial to all American citizens despite of every discernible divide in the true spirits of the American democracy. You have asserted that your victory will take America to a higher plane in achieving world peace, tolerance and prosperity.

PACE would therefore called on President Obama on the eve of this historic moment to do the only right thing to many people of different nations who has paid dearly in the name of so-called defending the American ideals. The Palestinians and the Gazans in particular has little reasons to be elated in the wake of your success. For them, whoever leads would not change the status qou. Your election success will not bring bread on their tables and certainly will not bring hope to a nation so worn of despair.

In the name of All Mighty God, the name you invoke in such gratitude, we solemnly called to your attention the untold and unimaginable sufferings of the Palestinians collectively punished for upholding democracy, the very pillars on which America exist to this day. Men, women and children are slowly being liquidated in a territorial enclave called Gaza and this was done under the full advocacy by the United States of America. We plead that you execute one of the most urgent matters on your long list of priorities i.e. to deliver the 1.5 million Gazans from certain death. We plead for you Mr President not to prolong the unbearable conditions imposed on the Palestinians, as the majority of them are simple men on the streets who has no affiliation with any of the political factions, the reason why they have been singled out for the most comprehensive economic sanctions the world has ever seen. We are not asking you to review the official policy on the political aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We are only pleading for your good self and office to deliver our fellow human beings from such an inconceivable act of collective persecution. Who would possibly know you could well be treading on a path that will lead to a peaceful settlement for the occupied land, a dream non of your predecessors has achieved.

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor
PACE Malaysia
(Palestine Centre of Excellence)
November 2008



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