Monday, March 29, 2010

PACE condemns the demolition threats on Masjid Salman Al-Farisi by the Zionist thugs


PACE Malaysia expresses shock and disbelief at the recent announcement by the Zionist Occupying authority in the West Bank to demolish Salman Al-Farisi mosque in Burin, Nablus. The announcement came in the wake of the inauguration of the Hurva temple and the threat on al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem by the Zionist which constitutes yet another affront to muslims all over the world.

PACE belief that these threats are not isolated but part of the sinister plan of judification of the occupied West Bank and East Jarusalem in particular, the centre of reverence for all the three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. This should also be viewed in the light of the declaration endorsed by Netanyahu of the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron and Bilal mosque as part of the jewish heritage. With Tel Aviv's insistence to resume the construction of an additional 1,600 apartment units for jewish settlers in East Jerusalem, these developments should be taken together as a deliberate attempt to frustrate the efforts of finding a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

PACE would like to remind the international community that Israel's blatant disregard of Islamic heritage and places of worship has been going on unchecked eversince the early days of occupation. When the Zionist invaded East Jerusalem in 1967, in the most despicable act they desecrated the al-Aqsa mosque and violated the sanctity of the third holiest mosque in Islam. Moshe Dayan, the archetect of the six day war of 1967 however returned the holy sanctuary (Haram as-Syarif) back to the Islamic Waqf (endowment) perhaps realizing that the League of Nations have verified that the western wall (Buraq's wall) is part of the Islamic heritage in 1929. Nevertheless they renamed it as 'the Kottel' and reveres it as 'The Wailing wall', falsely believing that it was the remnant of the second temple razed to the ground by the Romans in 70 AD. Recently Israeli academics have proven that the Wailing wall was no remnant of the second temple nor not even the first temple the jews were aspiring to revive and rebuild on the foundation of Haram as-Syarif (the al-Aqsa mosque). They have argued and left not a shadow of doubt that the temple was originally located in Gihon Spring, half a kilometre from the al-Aqsa mosque. These claims were made by Dr Erneast Martin, an expert on the history of Jerusalem which substantiated an earlier claims made by Prof Benjamin Mazar, the forner president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In 1969, An Australian Jew, Denis Michael Rohan torched the al-Aqsa mosque, an act that was linked to the instigation by jewish extremists vowing that works on the construction of the temple over the ruins of Al-Aqsa mosque shall begun in earnest on 21st August 1969. The one thousand year old Salahuddin's pulpit was completely destroyed in the arson. Denis was deported to Australia on the ground that he is insane! In 1994, in reminiscence to but with far tragic consequence to the al-Aqsa arson attack, Dr Baruch Goldstein, a jew stormed the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron and sprayed a congregation of early morning (dawn) prayers with a hail of bullets, killing 29 and injuring 125 others. Goldstein was overpowered and beaten to death. Yet he was venerated as a saint and his tomb became a centre of pilgrimage. He has done a great service by doing the bidding of the zionist to take over the Ibrahimi mosque. Failing to fullfill the aspiration of Goldstein, Netanyahu unashamedly declares the mosque of the patriach (Abraham Peace be Upon him) as a jewish heritage. The city of Hebron itself has been endowed to a companion of the prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him). The companion is Tamim bin Aws al-Dari, the first citizen of Aelia (Jerusalem) to embrace Islam. During the British mandated rule of Palestine (1917 - 1948), Thomas Haycraft, the British chief justice has decreed that the endowment is valid (29 January 1927). Tamim bin Aws was buried in Bayt Jibrin, a few kilometres to the north of Hebron, a village that was completely destroyed by the zionist in the 1948 war, it's people were driven out and the only building left standing is a mosque, now in ruins.

These sad episodes are the background to the recent and on-going defacement of religious sanctuaries of the Islamic and Christian faith in Palestine. We urge the zionist regime to cease such barbaric acts, ascribed to the uncivilized days of the old and demand the pepertrators be taken to task.

PACE Malaysia echoes the call by Ghassan Douhlas, the spokeperson for the muslim community of Burin for the muslims all over the world to stand firm with the Palestinians and the residents of Burin, Nablus in defending Salman al-Farisi Mosque. Today they are keeping watch over of the mosque around the clock. Let us pray that Allah SWT give them strength and grant them victory in the face of every adversity. PACE Malaysia also calls for leaders of the muslim countries to express deep concern of this development and rise to the occasion in defense of Islam.

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



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