Saturday, January 2, 2010

Children Cooking class in commemoration of GAZA war.

YB Hulu Klang, Tn Hj Saari Sungib & K. Jije (standing second row from right)
Mdm Norazian Anidin (sitting on the right)

Program:Children Cooking class in commemoration of GAZA war.
Venue:,AU- 2A Keramat,Hulu Kelang..
Participant: Children age 7-13yrs old.
Time: 9am-1pm.

About 30 childrens gathered in the saturday morning of the anniverary
year that marks the brutality of Israel towards the people of Gaza.The
get together was organised by Hulu Kelang women's commitee.The
Children came to the cooking class and learned how to make a
homemade Pizza.

The event was launched by YB Saari Sungib, MP of Hulu Kelang.The
session started with an introduction to Palestine , history & how the
Palestinian have been oppressed by the zionist Israel, many are not
aware of the Israeli occupied territories,the land that once belong to
the Arab have been confiscated by Israel during the six day war in
1967.The children were stunned when they were told of how the
palestinian were chased out of their own country since begining of
first world war in early 1916.

The Boicott campaign was launched by VPM on 15 August 2009. Boycotting
move were made clear to them...Four major products,namely
Mc.Donald,Coca Cola, NESTLE & Loreal were focused.For over 30years
some companies have been awarded by the Jewish trade fund being
contributed to support Israel's military campaign & mission.Some
chidren were taking notes on important dates & were serious in their
action that day.The teachers(chef) ensured those ingredients used were
an alternative or local products.They had fun cooking that day & were
eager to try it at home. The 30mins talk was presented by Mdm.
Noorazian Anidin from PACE(Palestine Centre of Excellence).Chef Zilah
, Chef Khawlah were pleased with the children's performance.

YB Saari Sungib was constantly reminding them of the hunger &
difficult life in GAZA.

27 December 2008 was a day to be remembered by the world. Israel
attacked on GAZA & killed over 1400 palestinian, where 65% were
civilians(50% women & children).5300 Palestinian were wounded & 50,800
were left homeless.

Posting by
Mdm Noorazian Anidin
PACE senior fellow



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