Saturday, January 2, 2010

Viva Palestina convoy needs your help! - A personal message from George Galloway

Viva Palestina convoy needs your help

The Viva Palestina convoy is now steaming towards Egypt after facing down all efforts to delay or stop its mission to bring relief to the besieged people of Gaza.

The refusal by the government of Egypt to allow the convoy - now 200 vehicles-strong - to pass last week across the Red Sea has meant that over $2,000,000 of aid has been kept from its recipients, charities and NGOs in the Gaza Strip.

The longer, more dangerous and more expensive route imposed by the Egyptian authorities also means that it will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds more to get the aid to the needy. That is money that should be spent on the sick and hungry.

George Galloway, who inspired the launch of Viva Palestina, says:

"Viva Palestina and the major Turkish charity IHH, which is a partner in the convoy, are appealing for funds to cover the punitive costs that have been imposed on the convoy thanks to obstruction and delays that have been imposed on it.

"Millions of people have followed this epic journey hour by hour on channels such as Al Jazeera and Press TV, or through websites, twitter and email blasts.

"They will have been enraged as they saw the attempts to prevent it reaching its goal. But we know from thousands of messages and the outpouring of public reaction in the Arab and Muslim worlds that they too share the convoy participants´ determination to see the mission succeed.

"Now they, you, have a chance to help it do so. The convoy organisers are appealing for urgent funds to ensure that the additional costs are met and do not have to come from monies already pledged to help the Palestinian people directly.

"If you are inspired by this humanitarian convoy, but angry at the way it has been frustrated you now have a chance to show it.

"Please rush your donations to Viva Palestina or the IHH and send the people of Gaza a message that they are not alone as they live through the anniversary of a bombardment that claimed over 1,400 lives. Your donation will help get the aid convoy through.

"With your generosity the extra costs can be more than met and the surplus raised will go to charitable work in the Palestinian cause. What better answer could there be to those who wish this convoy ill than to rally to it and support it financially."

All donations for the emergency appeal for the Viva Palestina Gaza convoy can be made through Viva Palestina and through the IHH. Please see details below.
1. Viva Palestina HSBC Bank Account Number: 41508458 - Sort Code:40-04-24
2. IHH - Insani Yardim Vakfi - The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief - Please see bank details below.

هيئة الإغاثة الانسانية وحقوق الانسان والحريات

Name of Bank: T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI A.S. Account Number: 212 49 94 – 5012

IBAN CODE: TR280001000488021249945012




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