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Bagaimana menjelaskan hubungan di antara al-Haj Amin Husaini dan Adolf Hitler? Apakah islam merestui pembunuhan Hitler ke atas bangsa Yahudi?

Al-Haj Amin Husaini bersama Adolf Hitler


Ada beberapa kalangan yang menyentuh tentang hubungan yang akrab di antara mufti Palestin al-Haj Amin Husaini dengan Adolf Hitler. lalu membuat kesimpulan bahawa al-haj amin husaini merestui tindakan keji yang dilakukan oleh Hitler terhadap bangsa Yahudi dalam peristiwa 'holocoust'.

Sebagai muslim bagaimanakah kita melihat perkembangan sejarah ini. Sekali lagi dalam membuat kesimpulan ada beberapa garis panduan. Rule no 1 ialah mana-mana event di dalam sejarah jangan dilihat terpisah dari latarbelakang global (maknanya perlu dilihat secara menyeluruh). Look at the forest - you will see the trees. You look at the individual trees, you may miss or overlook the forest.
Saya berikan penjelasan dalam bahasa Inggeris. ( jika ada masa terluang insyaAllah saya akan terjemahkan jika ada keperluan tersebut.

How would you explain the unholy alliance between al-Haj Amin Husaini (the great mufti of Palestine) and Adolf Hitler who was bent on killing jews?

This is in response to the alleged alliance between Hitler and the muslims during the second world war (circulating in the internet based on a research findings). The muslims (particularly the Bosnians) were colluding with the nazis and al-haj Amin Husaini (the great mufti of Palestine) had forged an understanding with the fuerer (Hitler).

True austria-german and the ottoman were together in the central powers against the british-french-russian allied powers during wwl. However during the second world war, al-haj amin husaini, the great mufti of palestine was aligned to the nazis for obvious reasons. Palestine back than was under the british mandate, and it was the british house of commons which adopted the balfour declaration in 1917-a document that endorsed the establishment of palestine as the jewish national home. The rise of the third reich of germany was viewed favourably by the mufti. The british than became a common enemy for hitler and the palestinian people. This is the background of the mufti-hitler unlikely alliance. Now for the seemingly kind treatment of the nazi regime towards the muslim can be explained by hitler's middle east and west asia's military objectives. The african korps (german armed forces in north africa) were invested with the task of overunning the rich oil fields in the gulf area and mesopotamia (present day iraq). Now the british was the only hindrance in meeting this objectives. That's why hitler has been counting on the japanese to route british forces in burma (myanmar) and india. The two forces was supposed to meet up somewhere in south west asia.

Therefore just like the japanese who picked on the chinese and showed less brutality towards the malays and indians (they did not want to risk alienating the malays at least in the early part of the occupation, and they need the cooperation of the indians for their military objectives in the subcontinent), hitler tried to win the muslims over for his dream of wresting the rich oil fields of mesopotamia from the british. In other words the alliance between the mufti and hitler was merely out of convenience. The palestinians need an aly to resist the british and to deal with the jewish threats. The germans on the other hand needs to win over the arabs to their side.

The posting on hitler,s alleged collusion with the muslims and the great mufti of palestine must be read and viewed with caution. The attempt to potray the association between islam and nazi can have serious implication on the image of the muslims. It can lead others into associating Islam with violence and sectarian values. It can justifies and give legitimacy to the zionist claims that islam has been a party and guilty of the holocaust, the crime hitler was rightly accused of. If so how should we justify the seemingly cordial relationship between hitler and the muslims.
One must be reminded that hitler was an advocate of the concept of aryan as the master race. Hitler was as racist as the zionist can be. He had wanted to preserve the german people as the pure aryan stock not the least tainted by non-aryan blood. He is the embodiment of anti semitism. That,s why he harbours so much hatred for the jews whom he blames for all the problems plaguing germany. He also hates the gypsies, the communist, trade unionists, churches. It is just a matter of time before he would deal with the muslims the way he dealt with the jews. Even the japanese whom hitler had a pact with will be forced to serve the master race and emperor hirohito be made subservient to the feurer, the third reicht which was projected to last for a thousand years. That is when the objective of subjugating the whole world is eventually achieved as envisioned by hitler.

Therefore my advice do not become euphoric by this new found facts about this 'marriage of convenience between the muslims and hitler. It is just a revelation that came out from a phd academic research to highlight about this unfortunate close encounter between muslim bosnians, palestinians and the notorious and murderous nazi thugs. It does not prove anything profound between us and those bigots.

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



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