Sunday, December 27, 2009

Appeal from CompleteMalaysia @ VPM to the Egyptian government - Let the convoy In!


Viva Palestina Malaysia have been following the progress of the above-mentioned convoy bringing aid to the Gaza strip. Consisting of over 200 vehicles carrying many thousands of pounds worth of aid, this convoy has been organized by Viva Palestina and Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Viva Palestina Malaysia is a stakeholder in this mercy mission as we contributed GBP 43,000 for the purchase of four ambulances filled with medical supplies. In addition, Perdana Global Peace Organisation, led by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad contributed five vehicles. It is hoped that our small contribution goes some way towards alleviating the burden of the Palestinians who continue to suffer under the brutal regime of Israel while most of the world watches silently.

We have been made aware that the convoy is currently waiting at the port of Aqaba for permission to cross the Red Sea, carrying with them desperately needed aid. The volunteers on the convoy have travelled a great distance and under challenging circumstances. They carry with them the hopes of the people of Gaza and their supporters around the world.

As an immediate neighbour with a common border with the Gaza Strip, Egypt has the advantage of ensuring smooth passage and is in a prime position to liberate the people of Gaza from their misery. The Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for everyone to do their share to make sure this convoy reaches Gaza and its people. The Egyptian government would do well to heed this call and has the choice of exercising great wisdom and redeem itself or plunge further in the eyes of public opinion.

Viva Palestina Malaysia appeals to the Egyptian government to allow the last leg of this arduous journey to be made easy for the convoy and more importantly, the people of Gaza. We place great hope in the magnanimity of the Egyptian government and are confident that the Egyptian government will rise to the aid of the people of Gaza.

We look forward to a speedy and just solution

Azra Baru

Viva Palestina Malaysia



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