Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PACE standpoint - Failure to comply to UN Resolution 1860: The world has failed the Palestinians yet again

PACE Standpoint

Failure to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1860:The International Community has failed the Palestinians yet again

Yesterday, 28th December 2009, marked the first anniversary of the brutal and savage attack on Gaza by the Zionist entity of Israel. One year on, the stricken people of Gaza is still under siege and economic blockade, the kind that has never been experienced anywhere in living history. To date, the Isreali imposed closure of Gaza borders has entered its third year since Hamas was voted into the government through a truly democratic process.

Recent developments have shown that instead of easing the desperate situation, they are tightening the noose. With lack of food, medicine, clean water, fuel and other basic necessities, Gaza is at the brink of a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented scale. Gazans were left to face this terrible ordeal by the world despite of the binding UN Security Council Resolution 1860, which calls for "unimpeded provision and distribution throughout Gaza of humanitarian assistance, including of food, fuel and medical treatment". There were no punitive action taken on Israel who blatantly ignores the resolution, just as she has violated all other international laws and UN resolutions pertaining to the question of Palestine. The most recent Goldstone report that accuses Israel of war crimes and possible crime against humanity at the UN General assembly, which has received a resounding support by member countries was a classic example of Israel ignominious behaviour. Unpertubed by the damning report, Israel continue to ride the high horse. The US as usual would continue to back her illegitimate surrogate child by condemning the report, not realizing that she has made herself and a handful of other spineless countries as the pariah nation of the world.

The desperate situation in Gaza has triggered the empathy of ordinary international citizens that they took it upon themselves to alleviate the sufferings of the Gaza. George Galloway, a British lawmaker who has been at the forefront in addressing the injustiuces heaped on the Palestinians has organised a humanitarian convoy of more than 240 ambulances and other vehicles carrying food, medicine and other basic necessities to break the siege on Gaza. The convoy dubbed ‘Viva Palestina convoy 3’ with participations from ordinary citizens across the globe, departed from London on 5th December 2009 and travelled overland across Europe, anticipating to arrive at Gaza on 27th December, the date of the start of the 22 days attack by Israel. Alas! When the convoy reached Aqaba, Jordan, they received news that Egypt refused entry and passageway. Instead they have to turn back to Syria and approach Rafah via sea route to al-Arish. On top of that, the convoy would have to seek clearance from Israel to enter Gaza from Rafah, the only crossing into Gaza from Egypt, a condition that the organizer would not comply to. Besides resorting to lies, the Egyptian government has engaged a US construction company to plant enforced steel wall at the border crossing, blocking tunnels that has served as the life-line to the people in Gaza.

PACE call upon people of conscious across the globe to fullfill our obligation to the people of Palestine. The world has forsaken and forgotten the plight of the Palestinians for far too long. It is time that we rise to the occasion and address a long overdue issue that the international community has deliberately chose to ignore. In the name of humanity, we have to deliver the Palestinians from this terrible ordeal, for in it we will find our own salvation. Choose to ignore and the same tragedy will visit upon us someday for injustice is contagious. If there is no effort to contain them, they will spread and engulf the whole world.

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



28th December 2009



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