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Nantikan penerbitan buku baru PACE (first publication in English) - PACE Standpoint and views on the Palestinian issue (2007 - 2009


Praise be to Allah SWT and PBUH ar-Rasululullah SAW. We have completed the manuscript entitled 'PACE Standpoint and views on the Palestinian issue (2007 - 2009). This is our first publication in English with the aim of reaching out to a wider audience and international readership. InsyaAllah we are hoping to have the book out early next year. JZKK for the support from everyone which inspires us to keep on with the struggle.

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor

Following is the contents of the forthcoming book. The foreword was penned by Dato' Dr Musa Nordin from FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Association) and Dr Mazeni alwi (Muslim Professional Forum)


(2007 – 2009)

Editor: Hafidzi Mohd Noor




Part I – Standpoint, Views and Media Statements

1. The Mecca Accord – A Unique Opportunity for the Western Powers In Palestine.

15th February 2007

2. PACE Refers to the article by Anwar Ibrahim published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 31st March 2006 edition.

7th July 2007

3. PACE Malaysia applauds the call by British MP’s for an international engagement with HAMAS.

10th July 2007

4. Mahmoud Abbas drumming support from muslim countries by spewing half-truths.

24th October 2007

5. Humanitarian disaster looming following power and fuel cuts in Gaza 6th November 2007.

6. Press Statement on the Annapolis Conference.

27th November 2007

7. Israel barbarity will lead to a colossal humanitarian tragedy in Gaza

28th January 2008

8. PACE Applauds the Yemeni Initiatives to Foster a Palestinian-Palestinian dialogue.

29th March 2008

9. PACE views on the One State Solution.

7th October 2008.

10. Sub-Prime Crises and the Palestinian Blockade – Chicken Coming Home to Roost?

8th October 2008

11. A Plea for President Elect Barrack Hussein Obama to do the right thing for beleaguered Gazans.

6th November 2008

12. Statement by COMPLETE Malaysia (Coalition of Malaysia NGO’s Against Persecution of Palestinians) on the Israeli Attack on Gaza.

30th December 2008

13. PACE Commends Tun Mahathir’s Speech at the Gaza Forum, London 31st March, 2009.

14. PACE Standpoint on Benjamin Netanyahu Premiership of Israel

2nd April 2009

15. April Fool Speech by Avigdor Lieberman – Annapolis is Not Valid!

6th April 2009

16. PACE Condemns jewish extremist groups planning to desecrate al-Aqsa.

9th April 2009

17. 15th May – The Day of Remembrance of an-Nakbah (The Catastrophe)

15th May 2009

18. Remembrance of an-Naksah (The Setback)

5th June 2009

19. Netanyahu Not Interested in Peace

16th June 2009

20. Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Jimmy Carter

20th June 2009.

21. PACE Calls on the Saudi Government to revoke Alstom contract in al-Haramain rail project.

27th June 2009

22. 21st August is al-Aqsa Day.

21st August 2009.

23. Eid-ul-Fitri message from PACE

17th September 2009

24. PACE Statement on the martyrdom of Ubaida Al-Qudsi, a graduand of IIUM at the hands of the Zionists

17th September 2009

25. Barrack Obama’s peace process rhetorics in the 23rd September speech at the UN.

25th September 2009.

26. PACE condemns zionist attack on the al-Aqsa mosque.

5th October 2009.

27. Lessons from the October War of 1973.

6th October 2009

Part II – Review Article

The position held by HAMAS on the 'the two state solution' in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Part III – In The News.

1. Two Malaysian Medical Specialists In Gaza, Says Mercy Malaysia.

Bernama (Malaysia News Agency).

19th January 2009.

2. Speaking up for the Palestinians
The Star (Malaysia)

28th January 2009

by Salina Khalid

3. Islamic University Of Gaza Appeals For Aid

Bernama News Agency (Malaysia)

5th June 2009

Part IV – International Participations

1. Al-Quds International Forum

15th – 17th November, 2007,

Istanbul, Turkey.

2. Al-Aqsha International Conference

21st August 2008


3. International Humanitarian Conference on Assistanship for Victims of Occupation (IHCAVO)

31st October – 2nd November 2008


4. World Popular Conference for the Support of Palestine.

22nd – 23rd May 2009


Appendix I – Istanbul Declaration

Appendix ii - Jakarta Declaration for the Liberation of al Aqsa.

Appendix iii - International Public Conference for Supporting

Palestine under the Banner of “For Continuous Support to Palestine


In the introduction to his book Peace and its Discontents, Edward Said wrote “And we must restore Palestine to its place not simply as a small piece of territory between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan River but as an idea that for years galvanized the Arab world into thinking about and fighting for social justice, democracy, and a different kind of future than the one that has been imposed on by force…”.

For Muslims the world over, Palestine is a strip of territory, an idea and a spiritual presence, the land where the prophet Jesus (May Peace Be Upon Him) once walked. It continues to remain dear in the hearts of Muslims and the quest for justice for Palestinians has never failed to be a force for Muslim solidarity worldwide. However reading into the conflict in mainly religious, Islamic perspective and ignoring its fundamentally political nature – land-stealing, ethnic cleansing, and inhumane treatment of an entire people based on the racist ideology of Zionism to the point of crude anti-Semitism has not helped the Palestinian cause.

The publication of this book by Dr. Hafidzi, which is a collection of thoughtful commentaries and media statements related to recent events in Palestine will hopefully help Muslim readers - presumably the main target audience - to gain a deeper insight into the political nature of the conflict, the failures of past efforts towards peace, and current developments within Palestine while at the same time enhances Muslim empathy towards and solidarity with the Palestinians.

On the Palestine issue, Dr Hafidzi writes as a social activist with Islamic credentials, passionate and committed in his quest of seeking justice in the widest and deepest sense for the Palestine people. But his training as a scientist and academic compels him to be objective and rational in his analyses and opinions. His unabashedly pro Hamas stance may obscure this but is a challenge for readers to seek a much better and authentic picture of this much maligned and misunderstood resistance organization which is now a major player in Palestinian politics, to the chagrin of western governments and neighboring Arab states whose backing for Hamas rival remains unalloyed.

We congratulate Dr. Hafidzi for the publication of this book and hope there will be more similar efforts in the future that will speak as Muslim voices, engaging the wider audience in a common language that is easily understood by all.

Dr. Mazeni Alwi,


Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF)



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