Friday, December 18, 2009

Update - Convoy Viva Palestina moving on to Syria

Convoy making its move to Syria

Convoy on the move

Volunteers putting up in a stadium

Supporters and well wishers seeing off convoy in the next leg of the journey to Gaza

The convoy is in Turkey now making its way to Syria! They have had a great welcome in Turkey from the public and joined up with the rest of the convoy from all over. GG said if there is time, they may go through Lebanon too. Below are some Twitter comments.
"Just arrived Konya, bout 200km from Ankara. PGPO + 1 got here first cause didn’t drive with convoy…. Lots of Kazakh uni students here. One really cute small mousey one who speaks English. Wanna adopt him. 3 of us bout to get fed! Mmm! People have been so generous to us. Hosts all men here. Were shocked I was driving. Told my friend “That lady can drive manual?!”
Ha! there are so many people here. the group has grown so much since we got into TUR. still, good vibes all round. and the locals have been amazing. we were told there’s gonna be a few more vehicles joining us from Konya, including 1 mobile KITCHEN! yaaay!!!just got word Egypt under pressure now to allow convoy + aid into Gaza via Egypt. people from all over the world have sent their letters and letters to their own leaders expressing concern re Egypt’s position on this issue.tomorrow we head out to Adana, south of TUR. our last stop in TUR before we enter SYR. TUR has been a very, very, very long drive… hope neighboring friendly govs will continue to put pressure on Egypt to let us in, and with the aid.before i go, here’s a shoutout for our TUR hosts who have setup wifi at the sports hall and have generously fed us with nice warm food." news if you wanna read all of it

E-mail from Jemaimah (VPM Malaysia)
Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



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