Monday, December 14, 2009

Latest Updates on Viva Palestina Convoy 3 - Egypt may block convoy. Please act now!


Latest announcement on the Viva Palestina Convoy 3. There is a possibility that Egypt may not grant permission for the convoy to pass through. Please take the necessary action by writing to the media (E-mail addresses of international print and electronic media are listed below).

They are now in Thessaloniki and will be heading to East Turkey and meet the rest of the convoy in Istanbul tomorrow (Tuesday). read this today 'News is circulating that the Convoy will be stopped from entering Egypt from Jordan! Get the word out & be ready to contact the media, Government & MPs. "Please send a brief e-mail to the contacts listed below, explaining that you reject our government’s line that there is nothing they can do if the convoy is prevented from entering Gaza. Even assuming that the convoy will eventually be allowed across the border, previous convoys have been held up for several days or even weeks by the Egyptian government – and last time the drivers were subjected to a night long attack, resulting in hospital treatment for some.Let the relevant authorities know there is a lot of interest in the convoy and that the drivers should be allowed to deliver aid to Gaza without hindrance. Send your e-mails now… and keep copies to send again around Christmas Day…"
Don't know how helpful this is but there is a list of media perhaps we can also write to incase there are probs.

United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process at UNSCORobert H. Serry –

Print Media
Daily NewspapersDaily ExpressLetters:
Daily MailLetters:
Daily TelegraphLetters:
Evening StandardLetters:
Financial TimesLetters:
The GuardianLetters:
Readers’ Editor:
The Glasgow HeraldLetters:
The IndependentLetters:
The MirrorE-mail:
The SunLetters:
The TimesLetters:

The Independent on SundayLetters:
Mail on SundayLetters:
News of the WorldLetters:
The ObserverLetters:
Readers’ Editor:
The Sunday ExpressLetters:
The Sunday MirrorE-mail:
The Sunday PeopleE-mail:
The Sunday TelegraphLetters:
The Sunday TimesLetters:
PublicationsThe EconomistLetters:
The New StatesmanLetters:
The SpectatorLetters:
Channel FourE-mail:
Channel Four
Sky NewsE-mail:

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