Sunday, December 27, 2009

Viva Palestina Press Release





On 28th December 2009 , Viva Palestina Malaysia handed over a letter of appeal to the Egyptian Ambassador, asking for safe, easy and quick passage of all vehicles in the Viva Palestina convoy through Egypt into Gaza.

Sunday December 27th marks the anniversary of the attack on Gaza by Israel, which left over 1,400 people dead, and over 5,000 injured in 22 days. At 11 35 am, the time of the first attack, a group of humanitarians on the “Viva Palestina Convoy” embarked on an International Hunger Strike in the main square in Aqaba, Jordan.

The International Hunger Strike will aim to highlight the ongoing illegal siege imposed on Gaza, and to remember the victims of the attacks who died during the 22 day bombardment by Israel.

This International Hunger Strike will also highlight the refusal by Egypt, under Israeli pressure, to allow the humanitarian aid to reach the 1.5 million civilian people in Gaza who continue to be subjected to collective, sustained, and devastating punishment.

The convoy has been stranded in the city for 3 days now, having been refused permission to enter Egypt on their way to Gaza. There are 500 people from no less than 20 different countries in 250 vehicles loaded with charitable humanitarian aid. The convoy is being led by leading international politician George Galloway, having left London on December 6th.

Each day, 15 more people from the convoy will join in the International Hunger Strike, and they will go without food until the convoy is allowed to enter safely into Egypt, and through the Rafah border to Gaza.

For Egypt to prevent this compassionate and charitable aid, donated by ordinary caring people from all over the world, unnecessarily adds to the hardships currently endured on a daily basis, by the besieged and distressed people in Gaza.

The volunteers in the Viva Palestina Convoy are hopeful that the leaders of the West will exert their influence, put pressure on Egypt, the United States, and Israel to end this inhuman blockade forced upon Gaza, and allow for the safe passage of this essential humanitarian aid. Enough is enough, this has to end now, for the sake of humanity.


For more information please contact:

Azra 016 209 4500

Azian 012 211 5749

Yuzaidi 012 273 4353

Noraini 012 277 1710

VIVA PALESTINA MALAYSIA (VPM) formerly known as COMPLETE (COALITION OF MALAYSIAN NGOs AGAINST PERSECUTION OF PALESTINIANS) is a coalition of more than 50 NGOs that cuts across racial, religious and political lines in Malaysia. This coalition was formed after the recent escalation of Israel-Palestine conflict that culminated in the invasion of Gaza. We intend to work closely with foreign NGOs with similar objectives, and together as a worldwide united front of NGOs, act as an effective pressure group to governments, pushing for a just and comprehensive resolution of the conflict.


To effectuate a just, equitable, prompt and sustainable resolution to the conflict in Palestine.

As part of sustained efforts to support the Palestinian cause for freedom and justice, Viva Palestina Malaysia formerly known as COMPLETE (Coalition of Malaysian NGOs Against Persecution of Palestinians) have joined the worldwide call for a boycott of Israel.

Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) held its second in a series of “Boycott Israel” campaigns on November 14th in conjunction with their Family Day. It was a follow up to our Boycott Israel Campaign I held on 15th August at Lobby Menara DBKL Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.

The event involved VPM members, their family and friends participating in various activities at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, while wearing t-shirts bearing the message to boycott Israel as well as 4 companies which support the Zionist regime through their manufacturing and business operations. The companies targeted namely Coca-Cola, Nestle, McDonalds & L’Oreal were selected after research had shown that their businesses have contributed substantially to the Zionist regime in Israel which have been guilty of war crimes against the Palestinians. Further details on the companies can be found in the attachments.

VPM’s boycott event reinforces the message that was relayed by the recent ‘Criminalising War’ Conference at which Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other prominent speakers like British MP George Galloway and US politician and Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia Mckinney emphasised the need for perpetrators of war crimes and genocide to be brought to justice. At the very least, there must be efforts made to result in these criminals being ostracized by the world community. Both George Galloway and Cynthia McKinney have expressed support for COMPLETE” boycott campaign as the boycott instrument has worked successfully in the past, particularly against the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

For enquiries, kindly contact:

Noraini Hashim 012 277 1710

Siti Jamilah 012 371 8518



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