Monday, December 28, 2009

Propsed immediate action by VPM


Salaams and peace everyone,

VPM meeting today with JIM/PACE proposed these two immediate actions as follow up from yesterday's event:

1- 2nd memo to Egyptian Embassy and Press Release.

Proposed Date: Wednesday, 30th December 2009.
Proposed Time: 12noon

Content of memo will be based on Erdogan's proposal and Sis Azra is still waiting for copy of the proposal.

We also ask to include in the proposal that the safety of the convoy is guaranteed when crossing the sea via ferry.

2- Letter to Malaysian govt (proposed either Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Prime Minister's Department)asking Egyptian's gov to facilitate, guarantee and safeguard the Malaysian citizens specifically and VP activist in general in VP.

Date and time yet to be determined.

*VPM will coordinate with other NGOs to joint us in this events

Sis Zabrina Abu Bakar
VPM Malaysia



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