Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Convoy Viva Palestina 3 has entered Turky!!


got some new pics and links that u can check out! They have arrived in Turkey now with a fab welcome and more ppl joining them!!
News updates from twitter:
"Just got our vehicle paperwork done at TUR border. They love thay we’re Msians! “Msia?! Waaah!” Viva! We can see beyon the checkpoint Turks are out with flags to greet us!" – @PGPOrg"
Just crossed t border into turkey… thousands of public waiting to greet the convoy! V emotional for all. On our way to istanbul now".– @Zhat"
Just gone through the customs into Turkey – have hundred or so people waiting greeting us with flags (and getting free fruit) Really wonderful" – @Pal_S_Campaign
"Huge emotional welcome once through Turkish border. Flags, crowds, shaking hands. Istanbul 230 km" – @YorktoGaza
"As the Convoy crosses into Turkey, let’s take a moment to thank the Greek people for their warmth and wonderful hospitality!
"With the welcomes, media coverage and Police escorts, they have done so much to boost moral and raise awareness. Send an email to the Mayor of Thessaloniki or even to the Pizza Hut(!) that gave our travellers a meal."
"In Turkey, will b joined by Malaysian, Turkish, US + other contingents, 2 make total of 200 vehicles + 450ppl heading 2 gaza! … AMAZING reception at border. Big rally with solidarity orgs and TV crews right at crossing gate. Turkey is with us!" – @Joti2Gaza
"There’re hundres of cars and people lined at the border greeting us. Turk support amazing. Really feels like we’re out of the EU… We got bags of fruit, food as we drive along. Sirens, horns going crazy festive. Palestinians living here thanking us… after a massive reception of friendly turks at the border, we’re off to the historic city of istanbul (220km)" – @juanajaafar
But there are sum difficulties:
UPDATE* Milliband has contacted the Egyptians to request safe passage for the convoy… THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING HIM!… Now: contact the media! News is circulating that the Convoy will be stopped from entering Egypt! Get the word out & be ready to contact the media, Government & MPs [list]Think we have to prepare letters for press and embassy ready!!

Posting by Jemaimah - VPM Malaysia
Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor



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